06 September 2008

Asus' ROG Striker II Extreme

Asus has released the ROG Striker II Extreme series of motherboards. Supporting NVIDIA’s nForce 790i Ultra SLI chipset for exceptional overclocking speeds, this powerful series of motherboards is also equipped with innovative technologies for enhanced graphical and thermal performance, versatile overclocking options; as well as a vast array of features that include device protection.

The Fusion Block System utilizes a Pin-Fin heatsink design that combines the ROG's renowned heatpipe design with the additional ability to connect to a water cooling system. By taking the entire integrated solution into design considerations, the user can enjoy 50% cooler thermal performance to the north bridge, south bridge, and even VRM with a single connection – providing them with a versatile, efficient, and advanced thermal system for better overclocking results.
The ROG Striker II Extreme series is currently available and retails at a whopping RM2,069. Read on for more info and specs.

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