29 November 2008

ALX X-58

The ALX X-58 Advantage

The Alienware ALX X-58 delivers exactly what you would expect from the industry's most sophisticated high-performance desktop computer. Features such as an Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme CPU, both ATI® CrossFire™ and NVIDIA® SLI™ technology as well as low latency DDR3 memory come standard on every ALX to generate the highest benchmarks and the fastest, most intense graphics. The chrome accented case communicates that you appreciate a touch of luxury in your life. By choosing an Alienware ALX X-58 desktop computer, you join an elite club of the most discerning computer enthusiasts in the world.

Intel Core i7 Extreme

Intel packs the Core i7 Extreme processor with an array of features and performance enhancers to give the Alienware ALX a boost of power. A dedicated memory controller allows a system to fully utilize all available bandwidth, dropping load times and system communications with DDR3 memory is unmatched. Intel 64 Architecture prepares you for next–generation applications and operating systems that utilize 64–bit data transfer. The Alienware ALX X-58 with Intel Core i7 processors provide state–of–the–art capabilities today while eliminating the need for costly upgrades tomorrow.

Alienware ALX X-58 desktop computers give you the choice of NVIDIA® SLI® or ATI® CrossFire technology.

The unmatched graphics performance of dual graphics, delivers speeds of up to 50% faster than single card solutions and increases system longevity. By utilizing the most cutting edge graphics technologies available, the Alienware ALX X-58 generates a rich visual experience including advancements in PC gaming, 3D applications and high–definition video viewing and editing. Windows Vista also gives you DirectX® 10, which delivers dynamic environmental lighting and weather along with film-quality effects for collisions and larger–than–life explosions, creating a life–like gaming experience.

Throw It In High Gear

No other Alienware computer out-performs an ALX X-58. The only Alienware system to come standard with DDR3 1600MHz memory, the ALX X-58 desktop features the shortest possible load and execution times. By reducing the natural latency and delays inherent in even the most insignificant commands, an ALX X-58 with up to 12GB of DDR3 1600MHz memory increases a user's multitasking abilities, allowing for more complex applications, extreme gaming, 3D content creation, video editing and more.

When you set your sights on an ALX X-58, you have more than word processor documents and spreadsheets in mind. 1600MHz DDR3 memory, Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme processors and ATI® CrossFireX™ technology all equal one powerful multimedia system. That is, as long as you have room to store all that media.

But don’t worry, the ALX X-58 has you covered. 4TB of hard drive capacity hold roughly 1,000 full-length movies or 1 million songs. Store your entire entertainment library in a single, convenient location. With a minimum drive speed of 7200rpm, you can expect higher performance and faster read and write speeds. Options for RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations allow for flexibility in maximum capacity and backup security. If you want the ultimate in hard drive technology, the ALX desktop offers solid state hard drives for the fastest, most stable solutions available.

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