18 January 2010

AMD Introduces the New Budget-Friendly ATI Radeon 5670

Just before the weekend, AMD (http://www.amd.com) has officially announce the sixth card from ATI Radeon 5000-series, the ATI Radeon 5670. Comes with a very attractive price of around RM 335 (USD 100) – pending its availability in our market, of course - the 5670 card is equipped with so many delicious goodies that goes beyond its low price tag such as the support for Direct X 11 apps and ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology, together with GPU acceleration capability for video transcoding and playback through ATI Stream.

In terms of number, AMD claims that the card is capable to produce up to 620 GigaFLOPS of power through its 775 MHz processor core with some help from the card’s 1.0 GHz DDR5 memory. Also, fans of low powered graphic card might love the fact that the ATI Radeon 5670 consumes less than 75watt of power during maximum load which is why the PCI-E power connector is not needed on this card.

Do check out the 5670 official website (http://bit.ly/4Iz4Ox) for the complete lowdown of the new budget-friendly offering from AMD. We’ll leave you with one more product shot for your drooling perusal, right after the jump.

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