30 May 2009

Brush Up Your Photography Skills At The EOS Academy

Here's a piece of good news for all you folk that have recently jumped onto the DSLR bandwagon, and have yet to master the wonders of your new camera. The EOS Academy will be conducting photography workshops which have been specifically tailored to teach you the basics of digital photography, as well as various techniques on how to use your EOS digital cameras to their maximum potential!

Divided into two seperate workshops, you can choose from either the Basic Workshop or the Essential Workshop, based on your current photography knowledge.

The Basic Workshop has been designed with EOS 1000D and EOS 450D owners in mind, and this 2 hour course aims to highlight each of these DSLR's unique functions and how you can fully utilise them creatively. Course fee for the Basic Workshop is RM50 per pax.

As for the Essential Workshop, this course has been tailored for beginners with little or no previous experiences with DSLRs. This 1 day course teaches the basic operations of the EOS DSLRs and is suitable all EOS owners. Course fee for the Essential Workshop is RM220 per pax and includes lunch.

More information on the courses can be found on the EOS Virtual Community website here: http://tinyurl.com/djgo8t

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