30 May 2009

PenDrive's Wireless SoundBox

A USB transmitter is all that is needed to be plugged into the PC and the Wireless Soundbox will be able to reproduce any sound being played, placed anywhere up to a respectable 25 meters. Its digital transmission also means it is noise free within that range.

A single transmitter is able to support up to 20 of these speakers and it even has support for 8 independent channels.

Of cause with all things wireless, the Wireless Soundbox is battery powered by 4 rechargable batteries, which should last for about 10 hours of operation.

You could also use it with your iPod as it also comes with a line-in jack and soft touch keys for the volume control, which could also be controlled using the PC.

Look out for it at retail outlets sometime in June this year at a SRP of RM249.

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