30 May 2009

BlackBerry opens FaceBook channel

Over the recent years, Facebook has helped many small businesses grow on the Internet. These days however, it's not just the indie set ups that are on Facebook, as more and more "official pages" are springing up from mainstream consumer brands.

The latest brand to follow this suit is BlackBerry - or more specifically BlackBerry Asia.

Their new fan page on Facebook which was only recently launched already has over 19,000 "fans" to date, and features first-hand updates on BlackBerry activities in the region such as photos from all the recent launches around Asia Pacific, information on all the BlackBerry devices that are currently in the market, as well as an open discussion board for like minded individuals to share tips, tricks and their grievances with the each other. There are also various other freebies on the page such as links to free applications, games and wallpapers.

Check out the BlackBerry Asia Fan Page on Facebook for yourself at: http://www.facebook.com/BlackBerryAsia

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