30 May 2009

NVIDIA Unveils Two New Notebook GPUs

When it comes to graphics solutions, notebook users aren't really blessed with much of a choice. Most of the time, we're only get to choose from either a watered down desktop variant or (*gasp*) an integrated graphics solution.

Let's face it. That sucks.

Hopefully though, all that will change thanks to the release of two spanking new notebook GPUs from NVIDIA. Named the GeForce GTX 280M and the GeForce GTS 160M, this duo promisses to push the gaming experience on your notebook to the next level.

NVIDIA claim the GeForce GTX 280M to be up to 50% more powerful than what's on the market now, and by utilizing NVIDIA's SLI technology, two GeForce GTX 280M chips can be paired up on a single notebook.

No word on the pricing or availability yet, but then again, these are notebook GPUs and are rarely available for puchase on their own. However, it seems that ASUS and MSI are already showcasing notebooks that feature these new GPUs at CeBit, so it's just a matter of time.

(Source: NVIDIA)

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