30 May 2009

P1 WiMAX rolls out new WiFi enabled modem

Remember that new "desktop series modem" from P1 I was larking about during my trip to JB for the WiMAX Conference not too long ago? Well, it looks like the modem has finally managed to find it's way out of the engineering labs and will be unleashing WiMAX, WiFi and voice (over-WiMAX) functionality to homes very soon.

Called the DV230, this next-gen desktop unit was developed with the help of previously collected customer input and integrates WiFi router functionality to deliver truly wireless, hassle-free Internet connectivity to multiple users from one device with just one connection.

“The DV230 WiMAX modem is designed based on customers’ feedback. These customers have enjoyed the high-performance wireless benefits of P1 W1MAX and want an easy-to-setup device to share the speed and performance of P1 W1MAX without the associated costs of purchasing additional equipments. The DV230 delivers this and makes next-generation wireless broadband access affordable. As a customer-centric telco, we will continuously improve our product and service offerings to always deliver what our customers want and fulfill the P1 brand promise of providing broadband for all,” -- Michael Lai, Chief Executive Officer, P1.

The DV230 is also future ready with next-generation voice capabilities. The device is equipped with a port that allows normal phones to be plugged straight into the modem. This will offer the option of future product and service upgrades to P1’s subscribers without incurring much additional costs.

The DV230 is available with 12- and 24-months subscription plans. As an added bonus, the DV230 is provided free with two years warranty for the device when customers subscribe to selected 24-months P1 W1MAX plans. Users of the current DS300 modem (a.k.a. the alarm clock) can upgrade to the DV230 by purchasing a unit from the P1 Paddock at RM499.

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