28 October 2008

NVIDIA Quadro® FX Mobile

The NVIDIA Quadro® FX Mobile workstation product family provides a full range of top-to-bottom solutions for unmatched performance and quality to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals. From digital content creators on a movie set, engineers at the plant, to the geo-scientist on a remote oil rig, Quadro FX Mobile graphics processing units (GPUs) are the standard graphics solution for professional 3D applications. The latest solutions, NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M, FX 2700M, 1700M, 770M, and 370M, feature a revolutionary unified architecture and NVIDIA® CUDA™, a C programming environment for the GPU, to deliver excellent image quality mobile workstation graphics and optimized visual computing application performance. The reference standard for OpenGL 2.1, DirectX 10, and Shader Model 4.0, Quadro FX Mobile solutions enable next generation CAD, DCC, and visualization applications with new levels of interactivity, enabling unprecedented mobile capabilities.

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